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Brick by Brick become the Brickwall

your team DESERVES!

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Speed & Conditioning

Conditioning isn't only for the position players. Catchers have the most demanding position in all of baseball. The level of play you showcase on the field will depend on the conditioning you have developed behind the plate.

Being able to block a ball late into the game. Throwing out a runner when the game is on the line in extra innings. Getting down the line to back up a play at first. 

Will you be in shape and make all these plays to help your team win? We will ensure that you are!

On-Field Leadership

Behind every good pitcher is an even better catcher. You will learn the value of leadership on and off the field. You need to be able to understand situations! Control the game, pitchers, umpires, and players without a second thought.  

Catchers need to be able to communicate loud and clear, and be the fielders eyes. We want our Catchers to be natural leaders. 

We are proud to tell everyone we meet we are catchers because we all know who the real leaders on the field are. Pitcher's cannot be great without a catcher leading them to greatness. 

Catching Foundations

Catching is the most dynamic position in all of baseball. The most fundamental catcher's are the ones that get the playing time. The core foundations of catching are the most important. 





*Body Control*

Finishing the ball in the zone to steal strikes, understanding angles, blocking with runners on, breaking pitch setup, blocking the plate, throwing standing and from the knees. We want Brickwalls behind the plate!

College Recruitment

Everyone wants to play College Baseball but realistically players getting a full athletic Division 1 Scholarship is a small percentage. We coach, teach, and walk parents through each year of high school, academics, and the NCAA clearinghouse process from Division 1 to 3. Community College is also a great option for most players 

We help our players have a realistic analysis of their baseball skills through our ranking evaluation. We help set up recruitment videos and letters to send out to coaches.

We want you to find the right school and coach for you!

Baseball Facility Address 

165 Amboy Road Ste. 302C

Morganville, NJ 07751


Will you be the next catcher to become a Brickwall and sign the shirt?

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