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Brickwall Baseball was brought to life by Joe Williams and James Fitzgibbons in 2019. Both of them were catchers during their baseball careers, so they wanted to bring a position specific training to New Jersey. They felt that this type of training was missing in the early development of their careers.

Brickwall's goal is to teach and develop catchers not only on the field, but in every day life.


LEADERSHIP is a term that is often linked to the catching position. We want all of our clients to leave our clinics or personal training sessions feeling prepared to lead to the best of their ability. We expect our catchers, whether they are new to the position or a seasoned vet, to push themselves past where they think their ceiling is. We preach the STUDENT athlete mindset and try to put into perspective the standards they'll be held to not only by their teammates and coaches but their classmates and educators as well. 


In addition to their playing careers, both collegiality and professionally, the Brickwall coaches have over a combined 20 years of coaching experience. They have coached players in ages ranging from little league through professional baseball. These coaches have developed catchers specifically for high school programs as well as off-season training to keep players in top shape for upcoming seasons. They have proudly trained catchers who play NCAA D1, D2, D3, NAIA and NJCAA ball. It's time to jump start your catching career and reach your full potential!

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